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Funding received to support the Research-based Theatre Collaborative's projects and initiatives.


Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Research-based Theatre: Dramatically increasing knowledge mobilization, $25,000

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council – Delineating a Spectrum of Research-based Theatre: Ten Years On, $5,000

2020 UBC Equity Enhancement Fund – Graduate Supervisory Relationships on Stage: Using Theatre to Create Dialogue about Inclusivity & Wellbeing, $20,000


UBC Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences 2019, Special Initiatives – Panel Discussions (9 speakers) and Three Performances of Unload: Theatre with Veterans, $5000

UBC Fostering Research Partnerships – RBTC and Pioneer Living Community, $4000

UBC Equity Enhancement Fund – Bringing Disability Experiences Centre Stage, $10,000

Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy Department RIF Funding, Bringing Disability Experiences Front Stage – Piloting a Research-based Theatre Strategy to Promote Equity and Social Change in the Healthcare Professions, $5,000

UBC Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund – Graduate Supervisory Relationships: Creating Space for Dialogue & Wellbeing through Theatre, $50,000

Network of Centre of Excellence – Res-eau Water-Net Knowledge Mobilization, $1.6M (20% committed to Research-based theatre and ethics initiatives)

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council – Witnessing the Dark Secret of Student-to-Student Abuse in Canada's Indian Residential Schools, $121, 000 (30% committed to Research-based theatre initiative)